Why Made to Order?

At Freedom Flies Co. Carson Yates chooses to make all flies upon receiving your order for a few reasons:

-Fly tying has been a skill more closely associated with art, style and tradition and we want to hold onto those important roots within the sport, rather than turning the art form into a system of mass production.

-We value our customers, and believe that by being as intentional as possible is the best way to create well made flies, thus providing more cared for items to buyers.

-All Fly Fisherman, no matter what age or skill level have experienced the importance of patience in the sport whether it be regarding the act of fishing, rigging, or tying for yourself and we really respect that! That being said, flies can not be made within seconds and putting together orders does indeed take time. We want our customers to know this prior to making a purchase, and allow us a couple days to tie after the order has been placed!

-Carson Yates does the majority of the companies fly tying, he is an active business owner/Entrepreneur and cares greatly about the quality of the flies he sends to customers. He is not Amazon, and normally can not fulfill a same day order unless it is extremely short and simple, but strives to give customers a speedy turnaround!

Thank you so much for understanding our choices towards intentional business ethics and cares/concerns towards tying itself.

~Carson Yates Co-owner and head tier for Freedom Flies Co.



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